When you can’t be in the room, we can

Promote patient & staff safety with Guardian CI Telesitter Service

Guardian CI from Hicuity Health virtualizes the in-room sitter function. Employing state-of-the-art audio/visual technology to enable continuous remote monitoring of at-risk patients, Guardian CI has broad application, similar to your current in-person sitters. However, Guardian CI delivers 24/7 continuous monitoring of patients at a fraction of the cost of 1:1 in-person sitters.

Hicuity Health has eyes on your patients around-the-clock, monitoring for risk events such as potential falls, delirium, pulling at lines, and elopement. Our trained technicians can redirect the patient using audio and video interventions, contact the designated floor “runner”, or activate a distinct in-room alert that signals the need for urgent intervention by floor staff.

  • Continuous, focused monitoring: Trained observation technicians work from our integrated operations centers with 24/7 nurse supervision
  • Advanced technology: Two-way AV, including night-vision and privacy modes
  • Reduced staffing overhead: Technology enables drastic reduction of non-billable costs of providing 1:1 in-person sitting
  • Census flexible: Limit disruptions to bedside nursing and staff associated with being pulled off the floor to provide in-person sitting
  • Comprehensive safety program: Provide effective 24/7 patient observation of at-risk patients while promoting staff safety and delivering peace of mind to patients’ families.

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