Telemedicine Services

Care. Innovated.

For more than 15 years, Hicuity Health has delivered “Care. Innovated.” to our clients and patients. Hicuity has been at the forefront of transforming high acuity telemedicine monitoring and care. We innovated  an independent tele-ICU model of care at our founding, extended that expertise to remote cardiac telemetry and more recently introduced remote device and wearables monitoring. Across a range of services, Hicuity offers clinical, technical, and operational expertise that supports hospitals nationwide in outstanding care of our mutual patients, care that is provably “Care. Innovated.”

Hicuity Health’s care and monitoring offerings embody the experience accumulated from telemedicine care for more than a half million patients and are delivered from a network of ten integrated care operations centers which provides flexibility and resiliency. Our Care Innovated HUB platform enables flexible delivery of care to each client system or hospital, accommodating local workflows and specific protocols while always protecting patient and hospital confidentiality.

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3 Staff Continuous ICU care of critically ill patients provided by intensivist-led teams delivers proven care and operations benefits and support for bedside staff

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Rhythm CI

Cardiac telemetry monitoring of at-risk cardiac patients anywhere in the hospital relieves nursing leadership of the distraction of operating a telemetry unit and the displacement of nursing staff

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Guardian CI

Inpatient sitter service leverages technology-enabled monitoring to promote patient and staff safety, relieve the hospital of the challenges of staffing sitter care and significantly reduce the associated costs

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Vitals CI

Continuous monitoring of acutely ill patients outside the ICU by nurses and certified technicians monitoring bedside monitors or wearable devices provide early detection of patient deterioration and engage providers as needed

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Platform CI

Shared services model which enables a hospital system to leverage its internal intensivist staffing by implementing and maintaining its own tele-ICU care model, drawing on the support of Hicuity Health technology, operational, and clinical capabilities and expertise.

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