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Expanding Care Horizons

Since launching acute care with two partner hospitals in 2006, the range of Hicuity Health service locations has expanded significantly. We now offer services to more than 145 health systems, individual hospitals, and post-acute care facilities, with additional availability expected soon. With each new type of facility, we work carefully with our partners to ensure our service delivery and clinical protocols are never one-size-fits-all-facilities. Our experience has proved repeatedly that the ability to optimize care for a venue and a specific clinical setting is a critical element of improving the care experience and the patient outcomes.

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Delivering services in partnership with health systems is not simply a sum of the individual parts; there is an incremental set of service opportunities and requirements at the system level. More than 70% of our current partner hospitals are part of a regional or national hospital system.


The Hicuity Health service legacy began in 2006 with tele-ICU care provided to a Missouri hospital that remains a client to this day. Now we deliver a variety of services to more than 145 hospitals in 35 states, ranging from small, independent hospitals to the largest academic facilities.



Post-acute facilities such as SNFs (skilled nursing facilities) and LTACHs (long-term acute care hospitals) have increasing interest in acute care services that help improve care for their patients and reduce hospital readmissions. Hicuity Health expanded its service into post-acute facilities in 2020.

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