Press   |   August 02, 2016   |   Tom Bobich

Advanced ICU Care Launches Flexible Telemetry Services

Advanced ICU Care, the nation’s leading provider of high-acuity telehealth services, announced the launch of its new, census-variable telemetry offering. This service provides real-time monitoring of patients who are at risk for cardiac events, staffed by a remote, dedicated team of certified telemetry technicians. Utilizing telemetry monitoring systems that enable remote patient observation, Advanced ICU Care’s telemetry technicians monitor hospitalized patients’ heart functions, review alerts, and when clinically appropriate, collaborate with local physicians and nurses to identify and engage with patients requiring clinical attention. The service is technology-agnostic and is not dependent on a specific vendor or technology selection.

The addition of telemetry to Advanced ICU Care’s portfolio of services continues a history of service innovation for the company, beginning with its offer of the first independent third-party tele-ICU solution more than ten years ago. The new telemetry offering enables partner hospitals to focus on providing the highest value care without the need to create and maintain their own internal monitoring capability. In partnering with Advanced ICU Care for these monitoring services, a hospital gains important benefits, like the ability to easily scale up or down its demand for telemetry monitoring as patient needs dictate. In addition, hospitals benefit from dedicated, certified technicians continuously monitoring patient data, utilizing existing technology in conjunction with the hospital’s bedside staff.

Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) identified inadequate surveillance of monitored patients in telemetry settings as one of the “2016 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards.”  “Our telemetry services provide a critical clinical asset to hospitals,” said Gian Cavallini, Vice President of Strategy and Development for Advanced ICU Care. “Effective telemetry surveillance is critical to significantly improving outcomes for patients at-risk for cardiac events or following admissions for cardiac-related events. By turning to Advanced ICU Care for this service, hospitals benefit from Advanced ICU Care’s more than ten years of expertise in high-acuity telehealth and remote monitoring, while also creating a flexible cost structure that adapts to patient needs, rather than being fixed by staffing requirements.”

Through Advanced ICU Care’s telemetry services, the hospital eliminates the fixed costs of creating and managing local 24 x 7 patient monitoring, enhances the hospital’s ability to closely monitor patients in care areas that may have higher patient-to-nurse ratios, and avoids adding additional monitoring responsibilities to the hospital’s existing nursing staff.

“The well-documented, ongoing evolution of our health care system toward value-based care decisions continues to drive opportunities for innovation and creative partnerships,” noted Lou Silverman, CEO of Advanced ICU Care. “Leveraging the proven expertise of care-focused and service-oriented partners is important for all hospitals and health systems seeking to improve patient outcomes and clinical effectiveness. Advanced ICU Care’s work in the nation’s ICUs and now our telemetry service offering are excellent illustrations of how innovation, creativity, and technology-enabled services come together to benefit patients, families, and healthcare providers by providing hospitals with flexible service options.”


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