Shared Services

Partner to Customize and Deliver Your Telemedicine Services

Developing a telemedicine care capability to support acute care across your system need not be a buy-vs.-build conundrum. Now you can do what you want and let Hicuity do the rest.

Hicuity Health Shared Services provides you the simplicity of “buy” with the control and customization of “build”. How? With the experience of 16+ years of success in 24/7 telemedicine care.

  • Our proprietary HUB platform enables acute care telemedicine and workflow customization at scale.
  • Telemedicine clinical best practice recommendations and operational expertise provide you a valuable headstart but leaves you to choose between your workflows or ours.
  • An experienced group of clinicians, distributed among a tightly interconnected system of operations centers and enabled by a highly reliable technology infrastructure, are ready to complement your in-house team.


The unique Shared Services approach by Hicuity Health allows your system the freedom to make its own choices but shares the assets you prefer to get from an expert. The offering includes:


  • Platform that provides best-in-industry at-scale functionality and the ability to support multiple hospitals
  • Expert counsel and best practices, derived from the most expansive acute telemedicine experience in the industry – and the ability to implement our best practice recommendations – or yours
  • Customizable workflows that enable you to deliver a telemedicine experience preferred by both your patients and your clinical teams
  • High-reliability technology network and data center operations
  • Cooperative clinical staffing, with critical care providers, APPs, nurses, and technicians able to collaborate with your telemedicine clinical group to deliver collaborative care in a specifically tailored program

Hicuity Health Shared Services enables your system to perform at the top of the game, whether you are experienced in clinical telemedicine or just starting out.

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