Virtual Nursing

Virtual Care That Allows Your Nurses to Focus on Patient Care

Inpatient nursing is increasingly challenged by expanding responsibilities and decreasing supply. As healthcare facilities rethink the delivery of nursing services, a customizable virtual nursing component will be an important component. Hicuity Health Virtual Nursing offers an expansive menu of customized virtual nursing functions designed to address the significant increase in bedside nurse turnover and the increasing need to support bedside nurses in providing in-person care.

  • Enables RN Focus on Critical Bedside Tasks: By absorbing a range of inpatient nursing tasks, virtual nursing enables short-staffed bedside teams to focus on those tasks that can only be done in person.
  • Reduces Need for Travel Nurses:
    By re-assigning tasks that do not require the nurse to be in-person with the patient, the need for and expense of travel nurses to augment permanent work force can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Delivers Consistent Nursing Operations:
    Enabled by our proprietary HUB workflow management software suite, our virtual nurses are able to follow system-specific, prescribed workflow processes customized to your needs.
  • Offers a Breadth of Support:
    Hicuity’s virtual nursing services cover a wide range of nursing activities, ranging from active patient care to monitoring, medication reconciliation, mentoring, second person verification of medication, patient admission or discharge, pre and post-surgery follow-up, and documentation.
  • Supports a Range of Venues:
    Virtual nursing services can contribute to patient care throughout an inpatient facility, including admission, ED, ICU, stepdown units, med/surg, post-acute, and rehab, as well as in hospital at home settings.



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