Around-the-clock care by certified technicians

Telemetry services help you care for your patients at cardiac risk

Telemetry monitoring is a critical component of care for patients at cardiac risk, providing rapid response to a patient’s cardiac degradation. What if you could reduce complications without tying up your staff or taking on the headaches of managing telemetry services internally?

Hicuity Health’s Telemetry Service offers 24/7 continuous cardiac monitoring by certified technicians. You, your patients, and your staff benefit from the constant surveillance of at-risk patients anywhere in the hospital while maintaining focus on patient care at the bedside.

Our Inpatient Telemetry Service Delivers

  • Simplified Operations

    Simplified Operations

    Variable cost solution that flexes based on your census and patient risk profile. No need to hire, train, and manage a telemetry team internally

  • Tailored Solution

    Tailored Solution

    Monitor all at-risk patients across the hospital or restrict to specific units. Ability to integrate with your preferred workflows

  • Enhanced Resource Use

    Enhanced Resource Use

    Opportunity to fully focus nursing staff on care and delegate monitoring activities to a trusted partner

  • Use of Existing Systems

    Use of Existing Systems

    No need to implement new software or hardware. Ability to work with all major telemetry systems.

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