Telemedicine for Hospital Systems

Tele-ICU Supports Critically Ill Patients Throughout Your System

Introducing tele-ICU care in a hospital system typically requires more than simply allowing each hospital to independently develop its approach. We have experience in working with a range of hospital systems.

Our Scaleable Services Provide Your System

  • Standardization of System Goals

    Standardization of System Goals

    Systems choose their own levels and means of standardization across their hospitals. We offer client systems help in achieving their system goals, ranging from “standardized goals” (e.g., targeted results and levels of care) to “standardized approaches” (e.g., common workflows and reporting).

  • Flexibility at the Hospital Level

    Flexibility at the Hospital Level

    We realize that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work. Above all, we closely collaborate at the system level and with the individual facility within the system to meet their needs and optimally complement their resources.

  • Reporting


    Many hospital ICUs simply don’t have useful reporting. Data are collected, but without a meaningful context, the trends and comparisons prove useless. We provide quarterly and ad-hoc reporting on clinical outcomes, financial impacts, and best practice achievement that helps measure the clinical impact, prove the value of tele-ICU and identify improvement opportunities.

  • Benchmarking


    Measuring success is critical to driving improvement and achieving optimal clinical outcomes. But measurement on its own is insufficient. We provide benchmarks using your own system hospitals, our entire network of 100+ hospitals, and APACHE (Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation) predictive data.

  • Staffing Assurance

    Staffing Assurance

    Every hospital system wrestles with specialist shortages and hiring intensivists to provide care in the ICU is getting more difficult, not easier. And if you achieve full staffing, how long until you embark on another lengthy search for an intensivist? Our ability to recruit intensivists in any of our care centers ensures that your system will always be supported with intensivist-led critical care.

  • 3 critical ways we support bedside staffing:


    Extend current staff resources


    Insulate from short-term staffing volatility


    Reduce burnout and increase retention

Varied Engagement Models

Comprehensive Care Services

Most hospital systems will choose our standard comprehensive care services model, where our team of critical care trained physicians, advanced practice providers, and nurses partner with bedside teams to care for ICU patients nationwide from our 11 critical care operations centers.

shared staffing

Systems that have significant critical care resources might choose a shared staffing model, in which their intensivists and the Hicuity Health team share staffing assignments for the tele-ICU, possibly including the development of a tele-ICU microcenter at a system location.


Systems that are interested in initiating their own tele-ICU service for their hospitals but don’t want the headache of developing and operating a tele-ICU platform can turn to Hicuity Health in a platform-only arrangement, in which we operate our platform on your behalf to support your intensivists staffing your tele-ICU.



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