Article   |   February 09, 2021   |   Hicuity Health

Hicuity Health Highlights a Year of Exemplary Healthcare Leadership

eBook Provides Care Insights from Company’s Clinical Team and Partner Hospitals

In acknowledgment of an incredible 12 months of healthcare leadership, Hicuity Health, the nation’s leading provider of high-acuity telemedicine services, announced the release of its 2020 year in review eBook. The publication goes beyond simply reporting on the COVID-19 crisis to chronicle a year in which telemedicine truly became medicine, a year of care delivery unlike any other. The eBook includes insights from a number of Hicuity Health’s partner hospitals and various clinical team members and puts faces, names, and context to what is good about healthcare.

Hicuity Health’s growth over the past 12 months has been highlighted by several key milestones:

A New Name:
In early January, Hicuity Health replaced Advanced ICU Care in recognition of the company’s expanded lineup of monitoring services.

Launch of Shared Services tele-ICU Model:
Discussion of 2020 launch of shared services tele-ICU model. The new services model fuses the clinical and technology infrastructure capabilities of Hicuity Health with client clinical capabilities to deliver a highly flexible, highly customized, system-centric approach to tele-ICU delivery.

Introduction of Remote Patient Monitoring in Post-Acute Care Venues:
Expansion of core Hicuity Health technology and monitoring capabilities beyond the acute care hospital environment

Launch of Wearable Device Monitoring in Partnership with Innovative Device Manufacturers: Evolution of smart device wearables into comprehensive monitoring solutions in a variety of venues through a partnership of sophisticated Hicuity Health monitoring capabilities with device manufacturers.

Key highlights of this year’s Hicuity Health eBook include:

A Year of High Acuity Telemedicine Success by the Numbers:
Infographic highlighting Hicuity Health’s acute care milestones and achievements in 2020.

Hicuity Health Reflections on Leadership: A video compilation of perspectives from clinical team members, highlighting the power of leadership and technology-enabled care to elevate care delivery and improve patient outcomes.

COVID-19 Lessons Learned:
As we enter a new year and a new stage of the pandemic, Hicuity Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. S. Ram Srinivasan, shares insights on the rapid and continuing evolution of COVID-19 care standards, protocols, and outcomes since last February and how inpatient telemedicine has been a critical component in meeting these changing needs.

A Partner Healthcare System’s Remote Inpatient Telemetry Partnership:
St. Elizabeth Healthcare Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Benita Anderson, and Director of System TCU’s, Jennifer Yost, share the healthcare system’s experience partnering with Hicuity Health for 24 x 7 continuous cardiac monitoring.

“In celebration of our 2020 accomplishments and clinical success working in tandem with more than 100 partner hospitals nationwide, the Hicuity Health team is proud to share an eBook which focuses on exemplary healthcare leadership,” said Lou Silverman, CEO of Hicuity Health. “The opportunity to serve patients in need and partner with like-minded hospital and their dedicated bedside teams continues to be a privilege and an honor, and we are proud of what we have collectively achieved to elevate care delivery and patient outcomes at a time when healthcare has faced so many challenges.”

Hicuity Health’s 2020 eBook is available now and can be downloaded here.

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