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Hicuity Health CEO Discusses Provider-to-Provider Telemedicine on
Blue Cirrus Radio

Blue Cirrus Radio October Hicuity Health CEO Lou Silverman recently spoke as a featured guest on Blue Cirrus Radio, discussing virtual nursing and the ongoing role that provider-to-provider telemedicine plays for healthcare facilities. Blue Cirrus is a premier consulting firm with a history of developing and deploying telehealth programs with partner clients. During his interview with Blue Cirrus Managing Partner Michelle Hager, Silverman addressed a range of topics, including the opportunity for facility-based telemedicine to mitigate the impacts of clinician shortages and build sustainable long-term solutions for facilities facing financial difficulties. Silverman emphasized the collaborative nature of provider-to-provider telemedicine, its clinical efficacy and cost-effectiveness, and the improved outcomes it delivers for patients in high acuity settings. Listen to the full interview

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