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Hicuity Health Announces
Forefront 2022 Virtual Event

Forefront 2022 Logo

Summit Aims to Define and Evolve Provider-to-Provider Telemedicine

Hicuity Health will inaugurate a new virtual event on October 12, dedicated to engaging healthcare leaders and innovators in understanding and evolving provider-to-provider telemedicine. A broad range of services that differ from direct-to-patient telehealth, provider-to-provider telemedicine is focused on clinicians assisting clinicians, typically in facilities-based settings. As a first of its kind virtual event, Forefront 2022 aims to inspire and educate healthcare professionals working in the telemedicine space. Presenters from across the healthcare spectrum will draw from their experience in critical care, remote telemetry, acute care, virtual nursing, and post-acute monitoring to provide perspectives on the rapidly expanding space. Join industry leaders, experts and frontline practitioners from health systems, hospitals, and solution providers to explore what provider-to-provider telemedicine looks like now and how it is likely to evolve. To learn more about Forefront 2022 visit the event website and register to participate.

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