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Hicuity Health CEO Provides Insights on Provider-to-Provider Telemedicine

The Evolution of Healthcare

During the ATA2023 conference, Sara Solomon of ATA TV sat down with Hicuity Health CEO Lou Silverman to discuss the evolution of healthcare. The interview detailed the two ecosystems of telehealth – direct-to-consumer and provider-to-provider – and highlighted how provider-to-provider telemedicine is playing an increasingly crucial role in the evolution of care.

In the conversation, Silverman shared valuable insights into key challenges impacting healthcare, including care delivery and clinician staffing, and how provider-to-provider telemedicine offers solutions to some of healthcare’s long-standing, significant, structural challenges. In particular, Silverman stressed the power of telemedicine to serve as a force multiplier in a collaborative and inclusive way, serving to provide the best possible care to patients while also supporting bedside clinicians and offsetting staffing shortages.

In closing, Silverman emphasized a theme that highlighted the entire ATA2023 conference: telemedicine is medicine. He summarized, “We are not trying to solve telemedicine problems. We are trying to contribute productively and effectively to the overall healthcare ecosystem.”

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