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Hicuity Health Announces 7th Annual WE SEE YOU CARE Award Recipients

Awards Laud Telemedicine Use to Improve Care and Patient Outcomes

WE SEE YOU CARE 7th Annual Badge Hicuity Health announced its 2022 WE SEE YOU CARE award recipients during its Forefront 2022 virtual event. Recognizing these care partners who embrace provider-to-provider telemedicine provides a timely opportunity to highlight telemedicine’s key benefits including its proven ability to improve patient outcomes ad better support hospital staff. The WE SEE YOU CARE awards program, now in its 7th year, spotlights the efforts of Hicuity Health partners – hospitals, executives, clinicians and support staff – whoCovenant Health champion telemedicine and whose collaboration with Hicuity Health enables exceptional patient care delivery. The 2022 awards were presented in recognition events occurring both in person and virtually. The ten recipients included individuals from a variety of disciplines, several care teams and three health systems, each recognized for their dedication to incorporating telemedicine as part of healthcare and their collaboration with their Hicuity Health counterparts to deliver extraordinary care. “Hicuity Health’s WE SEE YOU CARE awards recognize client partners who leverage provider-to-provider telemedicine toBaptist Health Corbin - Eric Willis bring their communities the highest standard of acute care,” said Lou Silverman, CEO of Hicuity Health. “In presenting the awards for a seventh consecutive year, we recognize honorees who champion telemedicine and we honor their commitment to reinforce that telemedicine is medicine.” WE SEE YOU CARE award nominations were solicited from both partner hospitals and Hicuity Health employees. Each recipient was honored with a trophy presentation and a donation in their name to their hospital’s foundation.

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2022 WE SEE YOU CARE Honorees:

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